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VCAA Bulletin

​The VCAA Bulletin is the official VCAA publication for Early Years, Foundation–10, VCE, VCAL and VET, published in 10 editions each year. It is available by email subscription or can be downloaded as a PDF from the VCAA Bulletin index page. If you aren't already a subscriber, visit the VCAA Bulletin subscription webpage.








VCAA Bulletin Publication dates for 2020

Publication date Submission deadline

Term 1

Thursday 6 February

Thursday 5 March


Thursday 23 January

Friday 21 February

Term 2

Thursday 16 April

Thursday 7 May

Thursday 4 June


Friday 3 April

Friday 24 April

Friday 22 May

Term 3

Thursday 16 July

Thursday 6 August

Thursday 3 September


Friday 3 July

Friday 24 July

Friday 21 August

Term 4

Thursday 8 October

Thursday 5 November


Friday 25 September

Thursday 22 October