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Premier's VCE Awards

The Premier’s VCE Awards recognises students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Victorian Certificate of Education. Information on the total number of awards due to be presented, the list of award recipients’ names and details on the ceremony will be published on the Department of Education’s page .

Criteria for the Premier's VCE Awards

Nominations for the Top-All Round VCE High Achievers category are based on study scores from the most recent academic year and the previous years. Nominations for study awards and the best three international students are based on the most recent academic year study scores. Each year, individual Graded Assessment scores are used to determine the top group of students for each VCE study award. The number of study awards in each study is based on the number of enrolments in that study.

Top All-Round VCE High Achievers

The Top-All Round VCE High Achievers award is awarded to students who have achieved study scores of 46 or higher in at least five VCE studies in the most recent academic year and the previous years. Scored VET studies are included in the count of studies.

Top Three International Students

The order of merit for international students studying in Victoria on a student visa is based on their Premier’s VCE Awards score. This score is calculated by the addition of the study scores obtained for the best four VCE studies plus 10 per cent of study scores obtained in up to a maximum of two other VCE studies. University subjects and VET studies may contribute to the score.

Study Awards

The number of awards in each study is calculated using the enrolment base in that study. There will be more awards in larger studies. Individual Graded Assessment scores are used to determine the order of merit and identify the best students. Students must have a study score of 46 or above to be eligible for an award. The VCAA reserves the right to recommend a student for an award on the basis of the study scores achieved in more than one study.

There is no need for students to apply to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority to be eligible for the awards. To be eligible, students must sign the disclosure authorisation for awards on the VCE Student Personal Details form, which is provided by their school. Award winners are notified in writing, approximately six weeks prior to the awards ceremony.

Further Information

For further information about the Premier's VCE Awards, please visit the Department of Education’s page.