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Copyright information for applicants

Please read our Copyright Guidelines for VCE Season of Excellence Applications (docx - 95.63kb).

These guidelines relate to the public display of your work, particularly if your work includes any images, text extracts, music or video which you didn't create yourself ('third-party' content). If your work contains third-party content you will need to comply with strict copyright and legal requirements for the public exhibition of your work. This is different to the extent of copyright compliance required just for VCE assessment purposes.

In some cases you will need to seek copyright permission for your use of third-party content. You can use the following templates to assist in that process:

Top Arts Copyright Template (docx - 52.57kb)

Top Designs Copyright Template (docx - 43.73kb)

Top Screen Copyright Template (docx - 50.25kb)

Creative Commons and other flexibly licensed content

You may not need to seek permissions if the content you use is flexibly licensed: for example, content which is available under a Creative Commons licence. These  are applied by copyright owners in order to allow some uses of their works 'up front', without an end-user having to seek permission. The Creative Commons licensing scheme allows more flexible use, particularly for non-commercial uses. However, some CC licences still set conditions on acknowledgement, creating derivative works  and sharing works.  Visit the Australian Creative Commons website for more information about these licences; see also the Australian Copyright Council which has a useful fact sheet on Creative Commons licenses.


If you need further information about copyright please: