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Top Talks

What is Top Talks?

Top Talks showcases exceptional oral presentations from VCE Extended Investigation students.

Selected students share their original and rigorous independent research and findings through 8–10 minute presentations. Following the presentations, a Q&A panel discussion is held with the presenters, giving the audience an opportunity to learn more about the students' research topics and methods, as well as their experiences studying VCE Extended Investigation.

Top Talks 2022

Top Talks 2022 will take place at 10.30am Friday 4 March at Conversation Quarter, State Library Victoria. Register to attend this event in person or online via the State Library Victoria website.

Educational resources

Focus On… VCE Extended Investigation

Focus On… VCE Extended Investigation explores the research development and processes of former VCE Extended Investigation students selected for Top Talks. This seven-minute documentary includes interviews with students, the Chief Assessor - Oral Presentation and the VCAA Extended Investigation program manager.

Focus on ... VCE Extended Investigation (docx - 23.75kb)

Top Talks 2021

Top Talks 2021 was live-streamed from the Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library Victoria on Thursday 4 March 2021.

Top Talks 2021 presenters

Four VCE Extended Investigation students from 2020 were selected to present their oral presentation:

Amy Ferguson

Virtual School Victoria / Castlemaine Secondary College, Castlemaine

Topic: Connected communities: What we can learn

By looking at diverse, connected communities around the world, such as those of the Yawuru people, the Amish and the farming communities in north Shaanxi China, what social factors can be observed that contribute to social connections and promote a sense of belonging?

Amy Ferguson Top Talks transcript  (docx - 28.9kb)

Zachary Bushby

John Monash Science School, Clayton

Topic: Comparing vibration reudcation methods in skyscrapers

What is the effectiveness and reliability of a spring pendulum in comparison to a passive pendulum in reduction of side-to-side (lateral) movement at resonant frequency of a scale-model of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne?

Zachary Bushby Top Talks transcript  (docx - 28.81kb)

Eliza O'Sullivan

Girton Grammar School, Bendigo

Topic: Exploring rural VCE students' interest in a medical career

What is the association between exposures to the medical field and Loddon Mallee VCE mathematics/science students' interest in a medical career?

Eliza O'Sullivan Top Talks transcript  (docx - 28.64kb)

Callum Pritchard

Beaconhills College, Berwick

Topic: Japanese cultural identity in film

How has Japanese cultural identity been portrayed in the American film industry since 2000?

Callum Pritchard Top Talks transcript (docx - 29.29kb)

Highlights from Top Talks 2019

Catch up with the four VCE Extended Investigation students who took part in the inaugural Top Talks. They provide insights into how Extended Investigation has helped them develop their skills and knowledge.

Highlights from Top Talks transcript (docx - 67.65kb)

Selection process

Students who have completed VCE Extended Investigation are not required to submit an application for Top Talks. Participants will be selected via the Externally-assessed Task (EAT) assessment process. Participants must receive an A or an A+ for the EAT, and an exceptional mark for their oral presentation.

The selection panel ensures all presentations are considered fairly according to the criteria and cover a breadth of research topics. The VCE Season of Excellence team and other VCAA staff members have no input into which talks are selected.

Invitations to present at Top Talks will be sent to participants by email and/or post in mid-late December.

Curriculum and assessment resources

Curriculum and assessment resources can be found on the Extended Investigation study page.