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Conditions of entry

All nominations for the VCAL Achievement Awards (Awards) must comply with the following terms and conditions:

  1. No nominations will be accepted after 5pm on Friday 20 November 2020.
  2. All nominations must be submitted on the applicable nomination web form and all mandatory fields must be answered/completed. Hard copies will not be accepted. Please refer to the VCAL Achievement Award Guidelines (docx - 188.04kb) for further information about the awards.
  3. It is the nominator’s responsibility to obtain a nominee’s agreement to submit the nominee’s personal information and contact details to the VCAA and to attach the completed and signed Acceptance of Nomination/Consent form (pdf - 77.94kb) to the nomination web form. Failure to attach the completed and signed Acceptance of Nomination/Consent form may render the nomination/s ineligible for consideration by the judging panel. The Nomination/Consent form has been made interactive to facilitate completion from an offsite location. Nominees can type details onto the form and add an electronic signature using Acrobat fill and sign function or PDF viewers. Should a nominee not be onsite to sign this form or have the technology to add an electronic signature or scan and attach the form to an email, please contact Megan Clark to discuss an alternative arrangement on a case by case basis.
  4. By submitting nominations and supporting evidence to the VCAA as part of the nomination process, nominators and nominees accept that, for submitted materials in which they own the copyright, they will grant the VCAA a non-exclusive perpetual licence, free of charge, for the VCAA’s non-commercial use of those submitted materials (including publication online in whole or in part).
  5. Nominees must read these Conditions of Entry and confirm that they have done so by completing and signing the Acceptance of Nomination/Consent Form.
  6. For team nominations, a separate online nomination form and completed and signed Acceptance of Nomination/Consent form for each individual team member must be submitted. Failure to do so may render the nomination/s ineligible for consideration by the judging panel.
  7. By accepting their nomination, nominees agree to the information submitted to the VCAA by the nominator being provided to the judging panel, which will comprise representatives of the VCAA, Department of Education and Training (DET) and educational bodies/stakeholder organisations for the purpose of assessing the nomination.
  8. To be considered an eligible nominee for the Awards, students must successfully complete the VCAL program by the end of the academic year when nominations open.
  9. Individual student awards are restricted to individual student nominees, that is, if there is more than one student nominee for the same nomination, they must be nominated under the ‘team’ category.
  10. Individuals/teams can be nominated only once in a category, but can be nominated for more than one category if eligible. Each nomination requires a separate nomination web form.
  11. The VCAA reserves the right not to present an award in a particular category if, in the opinion of the judges, there is no nomination that meets the selection criteria.
  12. Decisions made by the judging panel are final. No correspondence will be entered into, and no appeals are possible.
  13. All Award recipients should be prepared to attend the ceremony and presentation by the Minister for Education or their representative to be held in Melbourne in April 2021. The date and venue for this event will be confirmed when nominations open.
  14. Award recipients agree to the publication of their names, provider/organisation name and details of their nomination/award for the VCAL Achievement Awards for the purposes of promoting the Awards in publications of the VCAA, DET, Award Partners and other educational bodies/stakeholder organisations.
  15. If a nominee is not a recipient of an Award, only details of the nominee’s provider/organisation and the award nominated will be published.
  16. Award recipients agree to the VCAA providing their name, contact details, provider/organisation, and nomination/award details to DET, other educational bodies/stakeholder organisations and media outlets for the purpose of contacting them to publicise the awards. Award winners/recipients may then choose whether or not to participate in this publicity.
  17. Award recipients may be invited to take part in other promotional events and activities.