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VCAL Chair’s Award

Lorne P–12 College

Shane and Cherie with the Minister

The Hon. James Merlino
with Lorne P–12 College principal Shane Elevanto
and VCAL Coordinator Cherie Osta

Lorne P-12 Collegeis recognised for the outstanding contribution its VCAL teaching team has made to the VCAL program. They have been strongly committed to developing meaningful and practical projects in collaboration with the local community and beyond.

Their hands-on approach to learning is an integral part of its VCAL program, and over the years the school’s VCAL team has involved their students in many community projects.

One such project explored the potential loss of local historical knowledge due to the changing demographics of the community. VCAL students set about restoring and categorising hundreds of precious photographs from the Lorne Historical Society’s archives. They also interviewed Society members and produced a documentary about the making of the Great Ocean Road, which has been viewed by hundreds of tourists.

In 2018, the school went a step further and teamed up with Ltyentye Apurte Catholic School in Santa Teresa, near Alice Springs to create the ‘Sea to Sand…Sand to Sea’ program. Through the program the Lorne VCAL students raised funds so they could visit the Northern Territory school and learn more about Indigenous history, culture and language.

In return the Lorne students used some of the money raised to bring a group of students from Ltyentye Apurte to Victoria. For many, it was the first time they had ventured outside the Northern Territory. The program provided excellent opportunities for the VCAL students to demonstrate leadership skills, experience cultural diversity and establish new friendships.

Lorne P-12 College VCAL team has also delivered many workshops across Victoria, to share their knowledge. None of this would be possible without the commitment and active support of the leadership team at Lorne P-12 College, who worked tirelessly to provide all students with meaningful post-school pathways.