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Answers for teachers and principals

This page contains answers to some of the questions teachers and principals have asked us about COVID-19 and results release.

For further queries, contact us on 1800 134 197 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm). 

What is CED?

Consideration of Educational Disadvantage (CED) is a process that accounts for the disruption to student learning caused by COVID-19. It makes sure that final VCE results are valid and fair for all students.

It applies to all students completing one or more VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3-4 sequences in 2021 (including Year 11 and 10 students).

It considers how students have been affected by circumstances, including:

  • school closures
  • direct impacts on the health of a student
  • students dealing with substantial extra family responsibilities
  • ongoing issues with remote learning (including intermittent access and suitability)
  • mental health challenges

It aims to restore student results to where they would have been without these disruptions that have occurred throughout the year. A student's final scores on examinations will be equal to or higher than their achieved scores.

How does the CED process work?

The process involves collecting information from students and schools, validating evidence and moderating scores and grades. The steps are as follows:

  • Student submits an optional Student Statement to alert school of the significant disadvantage they have experienced
  • School provides initial scores and indicative grades and also provides expected scores and grades (i.e. a student's expected level of achievement had it not been for impact associated with COVID-19)
  • We undertake a robust analysis and moderation process based on the data and consider every student's performance in every VCE study and in each assessment

Is CED reported on a student's Statement of Results?

No. Student Certification in 2021, including the Statement of Results, is reported in the same manner as in previous years and does not indicate the process or record the outcome of CED.

A student was unable to sit their exam because of COVID-19. Was CED factored in?

Students unable to complete any of their exams because of COVID-19 were eligible to apply for a Derived Examination Score (DES).

Their final VCE results were determined based on their school-based assessment and GAT results, as well as a range of additional data that schools provided. 

Is there a results appeal process?

If students wish to find out more information about their results, they can request a Statement of Marks* and a Statement of Study Score:

  • The Statement of Marks* shows the score student received for each question or criterion on an external assessment. It also provides a range of scores that correspond to the grades the student received
  • The Statement of Study Scores provides a detailed breakdown of how the student's study score was calculated

If the school believes there is a significant difference in the results the student received and the results the school expected the student to receive, the principal may apply for Confirmation of Grades (as per previous years).

*Please note there is a minor error on the 2021 Statement of Marks request form: General Mathematics is indicated instead of Further Mathematics. This will not affect processing.

What support is provided to students following results release?

We coordinate (in conjunction with VTAC) the Post Results and ATAR Service each year to help students better understand their results. The service runs from Thursday 16 December to Monday 20 December 2021 (inclusive). 

We have also provided support for students on the Results are in page.

What measures were in place to assist VET and VCAL students adversely impacted by COVID-19?

We know that some VCAL and VET students were affected more significantly than others. To address this, we introduced the following special arrangements:

  1. Special consideration that schools can apply to VCAL students in their final year of schooling enrolled in any level of the VCAL certificate
  2. Unspecified credit, which was available for VCAL and VCE students studying non-scored VET who relied on VET to meet the requirements of the VCE or VCAL

What if a student has been unable to complete their VET studies in 2021?

Schools can seek an amendment to initial VET results as a consequence of training or assessment completed after the Monday 8 November cut-off date for results to be entered on VASS.

Initial unit of competency results will need to be entered as N, as opposed to withdrawing the student from the unit – this will enable us to make the amendment after receipt of the amendment applications. Amendments are able to be made with no fee attached up until February 2022. The application can be made on VASS through: Results Admin > VET Reports > Amendment.

For more information, email the VET Unit.

The Department of Education and Training is also providing support to current Year 12 students to continue their VET studies in 2022.

The support will enable current Year 12 students undertaking VET to have their VET tuition fees waived if they choose to continue their studies in the same course in 2022. The course must be on the Funded Course List (FCL).

Students can choose their preferred TAFE or dual sector training provider. If a course is not on the FCL, students may choose an equivalent listed course with their preferred TAFE or dual sector provider.