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2020 Victorian PESA State Final winner

The VCAA congratulates the winner of the PESA 2020 State Final, Tierney Khan from Cornish College.

On Friday 14 August Tierney delivered her speech online to an audience tuning in from all over Victoria.

Tierney gave a relentless appraisal of the sexual violence perpetrated against women in her community and beyond, calling for the reinvigoration of feminism at all levels of society.

‘If you think for a second that we don’t need feminism anymore, or that it’s in some faraway land inequality occurs, then you are sorely mistaken,’ Tierney argued. ‘Enough was enough, a long time ago. I’m beyond asking nicely for change. Now I’m demanding it.’

The runner-up for the Victorian State Final was Oscar Pearce from Albert Park College. Oscar condemned the way dense academic language contributes to the unjust stratification of Australian society.

‘There is a consistent assumption that complicated language reflects advanced thinking,’ Oscar began. ‘Let’s do away with this outdated beauty pageant of academic writing, and instead, let’s foster a true and honest love of ideas.’

Other state finalists included Mateo Acosta Fernandez from Mazenod College, Fatima Arshad from Suzanne Cory High School, Prachi Beniwal from Nossal High School and Mietta Vella from Hume Anglican Grammar.