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Congratulations VCE students!

Congratulations to all the 83,583 students who sat at least one VCE exam this year, and to the more than 50,200 students who completed their VCE.

Successfully completing the VCE is a significant milestone that requires considerable self-discipline, resilience and collaboration – attributes that you have all had to call on in 2020. 

We'd also like to congratulate the students who have achieved a study score of 40 or more in a VCE study. Receiving a study score of 40 or more is a remarkable achievement, placing a student in around the top 9 per cent of scores for that study.

It takes great perseverance and application to gain such results and you can be extremely proud of what you have achieved.

The parents, teachers and friends who have supported your studies also deserve congratulations on a job well done.

Every one of this year’s VCE graduates is to be admired and deserves the highest praise.

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