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Celebrating Australian children’s books

a group young children lying down on a field reading books

Children’s Book Week marks its 73rd year of celebrating Australian children’s books, and authors and illustrators. During the week, schools, teachers, libraries and students are encouraged to choose reading material that stimulates the imagination. This year’s theme is Reading is my Superpower.

The theme is meaningful to VCAA English Curriculum Manager, Annelise Balsamo. ‘Books invite connections and illuminate difference, sometimes simultaneously. Students are invited, at a very young age, to consider this parallel,’ she says.

Annelise draws links to the current English curriculum when describing the magic contained within books.

‘At English Level 3, young people explore how settings shape the events and influence the mood. The setting of the text can connect us to the familiar and introduce us to the foreign.’

‘In any one book, a reader can identify with a human reaction or impulse, while marvelling at a different time, place or experience. Now that’s power,’ says Annelise.

F–10 Unit Manager, Craig Smith, agrees. ‘Reading really is my secret power. It’s the key that opens a myriad of worlds, undreamt and unrealised, until one does the most simple thing: to open a book and turn the first page.’


Children’s Book Week 2019 runs from Monday 17 to Friday 23 August 2019.
For more information, go toChildren’s Book Council of Australia website.