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VCE examinations in full swing

This year more than 50,000 secondary school students will sit their VCE exams, having started with the English written assessment on Wednesday 30 October. Students will be able to breathe a sigh of relief on Wednesday 20 November, when the final sessions will conclude at 5.15pm for Chinese Second Language, Chinese Second Language Advanced and Italian. Next to English and Further Mathematics, the highest number of students sitting exams will be for Psychology, Mathematical Methods, Health and Human Development and Biology.

Exams will be conducted in 522 exam centres across Victoria, with the largest exam centre being located at Bendigo Secondary College (1049 students) and the smallest being at Geelong Baptist College (three students). Outside of Victoria, over 130 students will sit VCE written exams in Australia, eight Victorian students will sit their exams overseas and over 800 non-Victorian students will sit their exams in China, Philippines, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu. In 2019, the number of female students sitting at least one exam will outnumber male students by 7243, there will be 63 Gender X students and 326 mature-aged students.

To ensure a fair process for all students, representatives from the VCAA will visit examination centres periodically throughout the exam period to audit security arrangements and observe exam conduct. After each exam, papers will be distributed to 3000 assessors, each specially trained to mark papers in a particular area of study. Students will receive their VCE and VCAL results and ATAR statements in the mail from Thursday 12 December.

The following resources are available to assist students to prepare for and manage the assessment period:

The VCAA wishes all the best to all students and everyone involved in supporting them during preparation. For further queries, contact the VCE Examinations Unit: or (03) 9032 1789.