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VCE VET scored assessment workshops

Webinar: 2020 VCE VET Scored Assessment Workshop

Implementing the new task type rules

Did you miss the recent Scored Assessment workshops? This webinar will cover information relating to the design and development of scored assessment tasks and provide support for schools, RTOs, and organisations in implementing the new task type rules which came into effect from January 2020.

This webinar will run for one hour and a half, followed by a 15 minute Q & A.

The webinar will be recorded and made available on the VCE VET Scored Assessment page, as well as on this Professional Learning page.

Please note, this webinar will not contain any information pertaining to the online delivery or assessment of Scored Assessment. The VCAA is currently working with the Department of Education and Training, RTOs, and other parties to provide advice and direction to schools. This information will be published on the VCAA website when it is available.

If you attended the recent VCE VET Scored Assessment Workshop in March, you are not required to attend this webinar as it will contain the same information regarding implementing the new task type rules.

Date: Thursday 7 May

Time: 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Register Here

If you would like to remove your registration for this event, please email