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Event information

  • VCE School-assessed Tasks professional learning program - VCE Applied Computing (Data Analytics)

    Date: Wednesday 24 February, 4:00 pm–5:30 pm

    This webinar is to provide teachers of VCE Applied Computing (Data Analytics) with a clear understanding of the delivery of the School-assessed Task, including authentication, administration and how to apply the assessment criteria and descriptors for the School-assessed Task.

    For 2021 the structure of this professional learning program will also include a series of 'on-demand' videos for teachers of VCE VCE Applied Computing (Data Analytics) to provide information and support for the School-assessed Task which are to be viewed prior to this webinar. The on demand videos have now been published and are available on the VCAA website

    Teachers encouraged to submit questions after viewing the on-demand videos to inform the content of these live webinars. Questions can be submitted via this link.

    Registrations are now open