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VCE Mathematical Methods

Implementation videos

Overview of 2023-2027 Study Design

This is the recording of the live webinar held in August 2022 to provide VCE Mathematical Methods teachers, with an overview of revisions to the VCE Mathematics Study Design to be implemented from the start of 2023, including the content and assessment, key information to assist teachers in planning their teaching and learning programs, and the opportunity to increase knowledge and skills that can be shared with their VCE teaching teams.

Overview of 2023-2027 Study Design transcript
Overview of 2023-2027 Study Design presentation

On-demand videos

A series of on-demand videos to support the implementation of the VCE Mathematics Study Design (2023-2027) in schools.

Mathematical Investigations

This on-demand video illustrates the structure and requirements for the new element of Mathematical investigations in the revised study design for 2023-2027.

Mathematical Investigations transcript
Mathematical Investigations presentation

Introduction to Pseudocode

This on-demand video provides an introduction and contextualization the for the utilization of pseudocode within the Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics studies.

Introduction to Pseudocode transcript
Introduction to Pseudocode presentation