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Doing VET at school helped me to improve my communication
skills and practical skills.

Dustin with his dog
VET Agriculture,
and VCE VET Furnishing
Farmer, Shearer

Why I chose VET

I chose VET because it gave me a chance to undertake a traineeship in a field that I loved. I also chose VET because it gave me the opportunity to do further study in a shorter time which has opened many doors for me.

What I got out of VET

Firstly, VET improved my communication skills, allowing me to share stories and communicate better with different people in the industry. Secondly, VET developed my practical skills. I even started a shearing business when I was 18 because I learned the skill through my traineeship on the farm. Lastly, I gained qualifications that opened up future study and career options.

Dustin driving a farm harvester vehicle

My VET success story

Everything from my VET is linked together. Without doing my VET traineeship I would not have started my small shearing business because I would never have learned to shear sheep. Without my VET traineeship I would not have continued with further study to undertake an Advance Diploma in Agribusiness Management. Without my diploma I would not have had to opportunity work on a dairy farm in the United States of America and gain international experience.

My advice

Life is too short to be stuck in a job you don't enjoy. There are so many VET courses in so many different areas that may be perfect for you and open the doors to new opportunities.

Dustin's VET success story (pdf - 1.27mb)

My pathway

1 Completed

furnishing icon

VCE VET Furnishing
VET Agriculture (SBAT)
VCE English
VCE Mathematical Methods
sun icon VCE Visual Communication Design
Literacy and Numeracy Skills
Work Related Skills
Industry Specific Skillsstar medal icon
Personal Development Skills


Employed full-timedollar sign icon
Apprenticeship in Agriculture

Volunteerhand icon
Country Fire Authority

Business Owner
Mobile Shearing


Advance Diploma of Agribusiness Management

Industry Placement, USA
Dairy Farm Worker

4 Current

Employed full-time
Stock Agent

Junior Football Coach

My Awards

Horsham College, Glancy Scholarship, 2013
Farm Managers' Award, 2017
Department of Education,
Victorian Trainee of the Year, 2017
Australian Training Awards,
Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year, 2017
Horsham Rural City Council, Young Citizen of the Year, 2018

VET in 3 words

Positive. Challenging. Rewarding.

Secondary school: Horsham College
Location: Horsham
VET qualification:

  • Certificate II in Furniture Making Pathways
  • Certificate III in Agriculture – Traineeship
  • Certificate IV in Agriculture – Traineeship
  • Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management

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