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Other VET qualifications

If you choose to do a VET qualification that is not from a VCE VET program, you may be eligible for credit towards your VCE, VCE VM or VPC. This is called block credit recognition. To receive block credit recognition, the qualification must be at certificate II level or above for the VCE and VCE VM, or certificate level I and above for the VPC.


Credit towards the VCE or VCE VM

VCE Credit received for a non-VCE VET program is decided by the level and the nominal hours of the qualification. 90 nominal hours of training is required for each VCE Unit. A VET certificate at level II can provide credit for Units 1 and 2. A VET certificate at level III or above can provide credit for Units 1 to 4.


Credit towards the VPC

Other VET qualifications provide credit towards the VPC based on the hours of training completed. A VET certificate at level I or above can provide credit towards the VPC.



When you receive a Units 3 and 4 sequence towards your VCE, they may contribute towards the calculation of your ATAR by VTAC. Check with the VET coordinator at your school.



You will receive a certificate or statement of attainment from your registered training organisation for the VET training you have completed.


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