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What you get from VET

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Nationally recognised qualification

VET is a national system with qualifications that are recognised and can lead to employment anywhere in Australia.


Coaching a badminton player

Sport and Recreation –
Methodist Ladies' College

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Contribution towards VCE, VCE VM or VPC

VET qualifications can contribute towards your VCE, VCE VM or VPC.


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Technical skills

Develop technical skills through specialised training for a specific job or industry.

Employability skills

Develop non-technical skills that can be applied across different jobs and industries. Skills include:

  • communication
  • teamwork
  • problem solving
  • initiative and enterprise
  • planning and organising
  • self-management
  • learning
  • technology
Students performing a CPR on a dummy

Sport and Recreation –
Methodist Ladies' College


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Specialised knowledge

Gain knowledge through specialised training to understand and perform specific workplace tasks.

Industry knowledge

Learn how an industry works – see the big picture and learn how to progress your career.


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Employment opportunities

VET can lead to full-time, part-time or casual employment opportunities. This flexibility may allow you to follow multiple interests at the same time – like employment, education and volunteering.


Coaching a netball player

Sport and Recreation –
Methodist Ladies' College

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Financial outcomes

Earn while you learn

Apprenticeships and traineeships allow you to earn an income as you train, study and work.

Gain qualified employment to finance further studies

Once you receive a VET qualification you may be able to gain employment that can finance further studies – like a more
advanced qualification.

Secure income

A VET qualification in an area with increasing job opportunities may provide you with a secure income.


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Education pathways

VET can lead to TAFE or university – it is up to you and your goals.


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