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2018 Plain English Speaking Award State Finalists

Tips for examination success

VCE examinations can seem like a daunting prospect but they don’t need to be if you’re well prepared.

These tips will help:

  1. Make sure you’ve got notes on each of the Key Knowledge and Skills set out in the Study Design
  2. Do 3 or 4 past exams to revise – if you can, work with friends to check and comment on each other’s answers
  3. Read the examination reports
  4. Don’t try and cram at the last minute. Draw up a revision schedule that makes best use of the exam lead-up period.
  5. Better to get more sleep than stay up late studying during the exam period
  6. Make sure you have two or three spare pens
  7. Read the questions carefully
  8. If you are stuck on a question, mark it, move on to the next and come back to it at the end
  9. Keep track of the time during the exam, and make sure you try and answer as many questions as possible
  10. Don’t leave the room early – use any left over time to revise and check
  11. And a last bonus tip – don’t try to cheat. It’s wrong, you’re cheating your friends, and in any case it doesn’t work – those trying to cheat get caught