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About VET

VET allows you to do nationally recognised training as part of your VCE or VCAL.

Studying VET gives you the opportunity to combine general and vocational studies, explore career options and pathways, learn in the workplace and develop skills that prepare you for the workforce and further study.


The VCAA provides direct credit in the VCE for a specific set of VET qualifications, which are called VCE VET programs. These programs are included in the VCE with Unit 1 and 2, and Unit 3 and 4 levels of recognition.

VCE VET programs can be included in the VCE.

VCE VET programs may be offered by schools, TAFE institutes or private registered training organisations (RTOs).

The industries you can explore through VCE VET are diverse, including business, hospitality, building and construction, community services and interactive digital media.

Block Credit Recognition

Other VET qualifications can also contribute towards satisfactory completion of the VCE. If you have completed training at Certificate II level or above in an area not covered in VCE VET programs, the VCAA may award you credit. This is called Block Credit Recognition. Certificate II training may contribute to the VCE at Units 1 and 2 level, and training at Certificate III and above may contribute at Units 3 and 4 level.