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VCAL Success story - Hicham


Literacy and Numeracy Skills
Reading and Writing Senior, Oral Communication Senior, Numeracy Skills Senior

Personal Development Skills
Units 1 and 2 (Intermediate)
Units 1 and 2 (Senior)

Work Related Skills
Units 1 and 2 (Intermediate)
Units 1 and 2 (Senior)

VCE Foundation English Units 1 and 2

VCE Health and Human Development Units 1 and 2

VCE General Mathematics Units 1 and 2

VCE Psychology Units 1 and 2

Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts


Why did you choose the VCAL?

I knew I'd excel best in hands-on learning. I also had a base feeling for what I wanted to do, and knew the flexibility I would have with the VCAL to both study and work towards my career.

How did you choose your VCAL studies?

They were mainly chosen with guidance from careers counsellors and teachers, and I was able to prioritise studies that would get me into the workforce.

What was your study management strategy?

Focus on what needs to be done. Once that's done, work around what you feel should be next. Always get everything to a base level so that when you revisit you can easily push through and not have trouble getting anything done.

What are your top study tips?

Keep pushing, don't stop. Nothing is stopping you, so why make yourself stop? Everything you're doing is a step towards a better you, a better journey and a better career through the VCAL.

What is your advice to future VCAL students?

Give everything you want a try – there's so much flexibility with the VCAL and you're really able to truly do everything, especially with the VCAL connection to TAFE. Don't let anyone say no, because you can get anywhere if you genuinely push yourself. Nothing is impossible and when it feels like it all is, it isn't. Everything is happening for a reason, so don't stop.

How has the VCAL prepared you for the future?

The VCAL has prepared me for the future, as it helped me become more focused and organised at a younger age. It assisted me to get straight into the workforce and gave me a wider knowledge of the spectrum of skills I needed. I gained leadership qualities and knowledge about how to survive in the 'real world'. The flexibility of the VCAL and the confidence and trust of my teachers has helped me to develop in my career so much more.