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VCE - Kate's story

Kate's story

Year 10

History: Twentieth century history 1945–2000 Unit 2

Year 11

Australian and Global Politics Units 1 and 2

Business Management Unit 1

Literature Units 1 and 2

General Mathematics Units 1 and 2

Psychology Unit 2

Religion and Society Unit 1

Visual Communication Design Units 1 and 2

History: Revolutions Units 3 and 4

Year 12

Religion and Society Unit 2

Global Politics Units 3 and 4

Literature Units 3 and 4

Media Units 3 and 4

Psychology Units 3 and 4

Visual Communication Design Units 3 and 4

What factors did you consider when choosing your VCE studies?

I chose subjects that I was passionate about, and in VCE, passion is your strength. If you are inspired to study and see purpose in your work, you will perform better and with consistency. I also had breadth in my choices because I did not know what I wanted to pursue after high school. The variety gave me flexibility when placing university preferences.

What did you enjoy most about the VCE studies you undertook?

The beauty of the VCE is that you can finally condense your learning to subjects you are genuinely interested in. For me, that meant I could focus primarily on humanities and arts subjects, which allowed me to get excited by the studies as potential career pathways.

What are your top three tips for future VCE students who are trying to choose their studies?

  • Don’t let scaling determine the subjects you choose. Your success isn’t limited by anything other than the effort you put into your studies.
  • Embrace the arts. Portfolios, although challenging, are a refreshing opportunity to break up your learning with creativity and self-expression.
  • Consider doing VCE subjects early if you can. Completing a Unit 3–4 sequence in Year 11 alleviated a lot of pressure for me in Year 12 and it can help your ATAR.

What strategy worked best for you when preparing for your exams and what are your top study tips?

I found that relearning information is the most effective form of study. You can utilise this by making quality notes, flash cards and organised files throughout each unit so that when exams come around, you can use your time to revise what you have learnt.

Did your selected studies align with your goals and career aspirations?

Had I not picked up Media in Year 12, my life would be on an entirely different trajectory. For a long time I thought global politics would be my future, but Media opened doors for me. I found a love for animation, which I am now studying at university and hoping to make my career.

Do you have any other advice for future VCE students?

VCE is designed so that you can make mistakes early but be sure to learn from them. Test different studying habits in Units 1 and 2, change your subjects if you need to, know that a mark on a SAC can be redeemed during exams. Don’t place so much pressure on yourself; just remember to try again!

What did completing the VCE mean to you?

The experience gave me a greater understanding of myself, and an ability to enter university life with absolute confidence, and has transformed friendships with classmates into lifelong bonds.