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VCE Success story - Easha


Year 10

Biology Units 1 and 2

Year 11

Biology Units 3 and 4

Chemistry Units 1 and 2

English Units 1 and 2

Legal Studies Units 1 and 2

General Mathematics Units 1 and 2

Year 12

English Units 3 and 4

Legal Studies Units 3 and 4

Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4

Psychology Units 3 and 4

Texts and Traditions Units 3 and 4

Why did you choose the VCE?

I chose the VCE because it allowed me to take the prerequisites for my dream course, criminology. The VCE seemed to be the most suitable option in terms of getting to my desired career pathway.

How did you choose your VCE studies?

I chose my VCE studies on a preference basis, rather than prerequisite basis. If you do what you enjoy, you are going to do well in it. Especially with the pressure surrounding Year 12, you want to incur minimal stress and maximum potential for mastery.

What was your study management strategy?

I find with learning, there are no set rules or confines. A tip is to learn the way you learn – whether that's by writing notes, listening or mapping – and engage in class.

What are your top study tips?

Consistency is key and doing a little every day is better than cramming it all in the night before the exam. Choose subjects you love so you don't put too much pressure on yourself. If you want to pick a challenging subject, be prepared to put in the work for it. Also, be engaged with the media – it gives you scope when articulating arguments in essays and reports. Follow instructions and learn to navigate and use the available resources, such as past exam papers and study guides.

What is your advice to future VCE students?

The VCE is an amazing platform for you to really explore your potential. A lot of the time, students think the VCE is about assessing one's achievements merely through grades. Quite frankly, it is the opposite. Students are given a multitude of subjects to choose from. Don't put pressure on yourself and use the time to discover your interests, take subjects you enjoy and not ones that are 'scaled up'. At the end of the day, scaling is subject to statistical fluctuations, whereas passion has no measure to it and gets you where you need to be. In summation: believe and you will achieve.

How has the VCE prepared you for your future?

The VCE gave me a stepping stone to my career pathway by allowing me to discover my calling through the flexibility in learning while also equipping me with skills, like time management and general organisation, that are valued in any walk of life.