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VCE Success story - Victoria


Year 10

Psychology Units 1 and 2

Year 11

English Units 1 and 2

Health and Human Development Units 1 and 2

Geography Unit 2

Psychology Units 3 and 4

Theatre Studies Units 3 and 4

Year 12

English Units 3 and 4

Health and Human Development Units 3 and 4

Legal Studies Units 3 and 4

Geography Units 3 and 4


Why did you choose the VCE?

I wanted to attend university in the future and I was up for the challenge. It felt really good finishing Year 12 and I was proud of myself. Although it was one of the most stressful and hardest times in my life, it was also one of the best. I got closer with my friends and learnt many things about myself, including how I study, my limits and how I can succeed.

How did you choose your VCE studies?

I did the subjects that I was passionate about and thought that I would enjoy. I didn't pick them based on the scaling or how hard they were perceived to be. I had to study Units 3 and 4 Biology in Year 12 without doing Units 1 and 2 because I hadn't done a VCE science subject. However, I ended up loving it and it was one of my highest study scores.

What was your study management strategy?

I used a diary and a calendar to schedule everything by the hour. I coped by taking small breaks and doing something active, such as going for a walk or jumping on the trampoline. Listening to music helped calm me down when it all got a bit too much.

What are your top study tips?

I worked in 50-minute slots, with a 10-minute break. This really helped me get everything done efficiently and limited my procrastination. I also made heaps of posters and mind maps – it's important to keep them really short and use lots of colour. I got into the habit of re-reading everything I had learnt that day, which helped me retain most of the information for exams. Overall, I think doing practice questions for each subject is the most beneficial way to succeed in the VCE.

What is your advice to future VCE students?

Keep up with everything and try your best. Treat yourself to some chocolate occasionally. Your ATAR is going to be a lot better than you initially expect. Year 12 really isn't that bad when you think about it, so have some fun with it!

How has the VCE prepared you for the future?

It has prepared me for university, as it is a similar workload to Year 12. I can also manage my time better now – having a job, a social life and also being dedicated to my studies – which is great.