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VCE – Seth's story

Seth's story

Year 11

Biology Units 1 and 2

English Units 1 and 2

Mathematical Methods Units 1 and 2

Physical Education Units 1 and 2

Physics Units 1 and 2

Religion and Society Unit 2

Systems Engineering Units 1 and 2

Year 12

Biology Units 3 and 4

English Units 3 and 4

Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4

Physics Units 3 and 4

Systems Engineering Units 3 and 4

What factors did you consider when choosing your VCE studies?

The most important factors that I considered when choosing my VCE subjects were linked to my career path. Identifying the course I wanted to study at university provided me with the Unit 3–4 prerequisites. It narrows down the options and makes choosing ones you are good at and enjoy much clearer.

What did you enjoy most about the VCE studies you undertook?

I really enjoyed doing subjects that I have a great interest in. It felt like the hard work and study I was doing had a purpose compared to earlier years. I also enjoyed getting closer to the teachers and students in those classes.

What are your top three tips for future VCE students who are trying to choose their studies?

  • If you plan on going to university, try your best to find the course that is right for you as early as possible (Year 10). It will give you a clear strategy for choosing subjects for Year 11 and 12.
  • I highly recommend completing a Unit 3–4 VCE study in Year 11 as this will contribute towards your ATAR calculation. It may become your 5th or 6th study or it may fall into your top four studies depending on the study scores you achieve for your selected VCE studies.
  • When selecting subjects, select the ones that you know you could enjoy and do well in.

What strategy worked best for you when preparing for you exams and what are your top study tips?

Year 12 is jammed packed with content and it’s important to find your own strategy to manage all this information. Personally, I made lots of summary posters and flash cards for content-based subjects (such as Biology). I checked them regularly and it helped me to recall information and definitions that might come up in the exam. Practice questions and practice exams are also a great strategy for VCE.

Did your selected studies align with your goals and career aspirations?

Thankfully my studies did align with my goals and I am now studying for a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours) at Deakin University. I did not land my first preference but luckily received a high-enough ATAR for the others.

Do you have any other advice for future VCE students?

I am quite a creative person and I did VCE Systems Engineering in Year 12. For creative students wishing to do folio subjects (such as Engineering, Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Media and Art), I highly recommend embracing your creative side and trying it. Doing a folio subject gave me more opportunities that the ATAR score could never give me. These include access to Top Designs, competitions, networking and job interviews further down the track. Do well in what you enjoy.

What did completing the VCE mean to you?

People see Year 12 as a hard year but it was also, in my opinion, the best year of high school. You are studying for a purpose, the social life is great, you learn a lot about life, and it is generally a super fun year, so enjoy it. The VCE has set me up for the future very well.