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VET Success story - Jemma


Year 10

Community Services (VCE VET) Units 1 and 2

Year 11

Community Services (VCE VET) Units 3 and 4

Sport and Recreation (VCE VET) Units 1 and 2

English Units 1 and 2

Health and Human Development Units 1 and 2

General Mathematics Units 1 and 2

Physical Education Units 1 and 2

Year 12

Sport and Recreation (VCE VET) Units 3 and 4

English Units 3 and 4

Health and Human Development Units 3 and 4

History: Revolutions Units 3 and 4

Physical Education Units 3 and 4

Certificate III in Sport and Recreation

Certificate III in Community Services


Why did you choose a VET program?

I wanted to complete VCE while studying subjects that provided real-life work experience and skills.

VET provides an opportunity to learn in and out of the classroom, and apply industry knowledge in a work placement. VET also allowed me to gain a certificate, as well as credit towards my ATAR.

How did you choose your VCE VET studies?

I chose my VCE VET studies based on my interests. VET Community Services stood out to me, as I have always enjoyed helping people. My experience and strength in sport and exercise also made VET Sport and Recreation a natural choice.

What was your study management strategy?

Writing notes after class in order to retain the information I had just learnt. I would do this for all subjects and spend some extra time on subjects that I struggled with. I always made sure that I participated in sport after school as a mental break from studying.

What are your top study tips?

Complete practice SAC and, in the lead-up to the exam period, past and practice exams. Write notes after each class to consolidate your knowledge. Ask your teachers to read over your practice SAC and exams, and seek help when needed. Balance your homework and study with your work and social life.

What is your advice to future VET students?

Stay on top of your work and study for your SACs and exams. Take advantage of any work-experience placement opportunities that are offered to you. It's important to complete any training that is required as part of your certificate to be deemed competent.

How has VET prepared you for the future?

VET programs gave me an insight into community service and sport and recreation. The certificates my VET studies provided look great on my CV. VET studies have given me capabilities and knowledge that I can apply to my current job and my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. Having hands-on experience on top of academic work has given me greater confidence at university, as most courses include practical skills and work placements alongside tests and exams. Without my VET studies, university would be a lot more daunting.