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A photo of The Hon. James Merlino MP

Congratulations on reaching your final years of secondary school. This is an exciting time and the choices you make will help shape your future education and career opportunities.

Your senior secondary years are a wonderful opportunity for you to explore your potential, discover new interests and develop skills that will be important throughout your life.

Victoria is committed to making sure our schools have the best facilities, our classrooms have the best teachers and that every young Victorian is given every chance to be their best.

Whether you plan to enrol in university, do further study or training or enter the workforce, this booklet will help you choose a path that is right for you.

The Victorian Government is working to make sure you have a range of choices for your senior secondary pathway through Years 11 and 12. Next year, you can choose from two senior secondary qualifications – the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). You can also undertake a vocational education and training certificate or a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship as part of your VCE and VCAL.

If you choose a VCAL pathway in 2022, you will transition into a new certificate in 2023: either the VCE Vocational Specialisation or the foundation pathways certificate.

The move to the new certificates follows a review into pathways in senior secondary schooling, which found the change would provide all Victorian students with the best opportunity to develop both academic and practical vocational skills.

You will be among the first group of students to transition to the new certificates. All students will be supported with the transition process. Detailed information about the transition is in this booklet so you can feel confident in planning out your course next year.

All Victorian education certificates are valuable and recognise the learning and skills you have gained. Discuss your options with your teachers, family and friends to help you make the right choices to achieve your future goals.

I also encourage you to read the stories in this booklet from students who have recently completed their senior secondary education. Their different chosen pathways show what is possible through the flexible learning opportunities available to you. Furthermore, their experiences and advice can help you decide what you want to study and provide you with practical tips for success.

I wish you all the best for the future in your senior school years and beyond.

The Hon. James Merlino MP
Deputy Premier
Minister for Education
Minister for Mental Health