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Your Questions Answered

How will my teachers be able to assess me accurately if they haven’t taught me much over the last two years?

Schools and teachers have used a range of strategies to deliver to and assess students during periods of remote learning. They will draw on this information and the evidence gained in Semester 1 (which was mostly uninterrupted) to inform their judgements.

Some students have heard that they need to get a form signed by a psychiatrist for CED. Is this true?

No. Supporting evidence is not required to be submitted with the student statement but a school can ask for clarification, if needed.

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing my circumstances with specific teachers? Can I give the statement to anyone at school?

Each school has developed their own processes for students to submit these statements. If you are uncomfortable with any of these arrangements, you should discuss this with someone you are comfortable talking to at your school. Student statements are optional. If you choose not to submit a statement, you will still be considered for CED. However, it is important that your school is aware of your circumstances.

What will happen if my teacher doesn’t agree with the information provided on my student statement?

Teachers will make a professional judgement based on all available information about each student, including their student statement, performance during the year and the degree to which their performance has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most schools will have a team of people in place to support teachers and validate the CED process. All students will be considered through the CED process, whether or not they complete a statement.

If I don’t complete all my VET units due to lockdown, can I still get my VCAL?

The VCAA may grant you 'unspecified credit' for non-scored VET if you were unable to complete units of competency due to the interruptions to onsite learning, an inability to access training or workplace facilities for VET assessment or the postponement of VET courses. This 'unspecified credit' could meet the requirements of the Industry Specific Skills Strand for VCAL or provide an additional unit for VCE. Applications for unspecified credit need to be submitted by Monday 8 November 2021.

What can I do if I don’t get the score I need to get into the university course I want?

There are many pathways that you can take. You can talk to your school careers advisor or another counsellor at your school about options and support. Many tertiary institutions run information sessions towards the end of the year, which may help you develop pathways to where you want to go. There is also TAFE, which is another option to consider and, depending on the course, can provide a pathway into university. Remember that your results and ATAR reflect a point in time and don’t define you or everything you can achieve throughout your life.

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