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VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook 2023

VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook 2023  (Updated, March 2023)

Find administrative information on curriculum, assessment, results and more.

These pages provide detailed information for principals, teachers and administrators about implementing the VCE, including the new Vocational Major (VM), and VCAL in 2023. 

From 2023 the VCE includes the new VM, which replaces VCAL Intermediate and Senior levels. The accredited Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) also replaces VCAL Foundation level.

Information on these pages relating to the VCE includes the Vocational Major (VM), unless otherwise stated or when referring to scored school-based and external assessments and related processes and results.

Transitional arrangements in 2023 include schools continuing to offer Senior VCAL units as part of the VM and the Intermediate VCAL being delivered and awarded to Year 12 students if they meet the eligibility requirements. The Senior VCAL certificate is no longer able to be awarded.

In 2024 all VCAL units will be discontinued and replaced by VCE VM and VPC studies.

For VPC administrative advice, see the VPC Administrative Handbook 2023.


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