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Theatre Studies

Examination specifications and sample materials

Monologue examination

Examination specifications (pdf - 194.28kb) (Version 2, February 2021)

Sample monologue examination (pdf - 365.12kb) (February 2019)

2021 VCE Theatre Studies monologue examination (April 2021)

Written examination

Examination specifications (pdf - 135.73kb) (Version 4, June 2021)

Sample written examination (pdf - 928.52kb) (Version 2, May 2019)

Past examinations and examination reports

Examinations relating to the current study design

The following examinations relate to the current VCE Theatre Studies study design and other curriculum materials.


2020 VCE Theatre Studies monologue examination (pdf - 365.78kb)

2020 VCE Theatre Studies written examination (pdf - 809.01kb)

2020 VCE Theatre Studies monologue examination report (docx - 76.48kb)

2020 VCE Theatre Studies written examination report (docx - 92.23kb)


2019 VCE Theatre Studies monologue examination (pdf - 382.94kb)

2019 VCE Theatre Studies written examination (pdf - 563.57kb)

2019 VCE Theatre Studies monologue examination report (pdf - 152.56kb)

2019 VCE Theatre Studies written examination report (pdf - 203.39kb)

Examinations relating to previous study designs

Students and teachers should note that, with the introduction of a new study design, the following past examinations are not necessarily a guide to the current VCE examination for this study.

YearPast examinationsExamination reports
2018 Stagecraft exam (pdf - 340.1kb)
Written exam (pdf - 642.13kb)
Stagecraft exam (pdf - 207.36kb)
Written exam (pdf - 436.1kb)
2017 Stagecraft exam (pdf - 337.41kb)
Written exam (pdf - 552.64kb)
Stagecraft exam (pdf - 77.86kb)
Written exam (pdf - 352.07kb)
2016 Stagecraft exam (pdf - 350.35kb)
Written exam (pdf - 720.3kb)
Stagecraft exam (pdf - 74.75kb)
Written exam (pdf - 123.53kb)
2015 Stagecraft exam (pdf - 406.66kb)
Written exam (pdf - 489.66kb)
Stagecraft exam (pdf - 202.6kb)
Written exam (pdf - 144.18kb)
2014 Stagecraft exam (pdf - 334.36kb)
Written exam (pdf - 572.14kb)
Stagecraft exam (pdf - 249.08kb)
Written exam (pdf - 489.47kb)
2013 Performance exam (pdf - 223.01kb)
Written exam (pdf - 448.17kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 295.89kb)
Written exam (pdf - 373.87kb)
2012 Performance exam (pdf - 103.82kb)
Written exam (pdf - 351.75kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 349.08kb)
Written exam (pdf - 213.31kb)
2011 Performance exam (pdf - 172.5kb)
Written exam (pdf - 429.35kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 128.84kb)
Written exam (pdf - 156.29kb)
2010 Performance exam (pdf - 51.89kb)
Written exam (pdf - 264.17kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 48kb)
Written exam (pdf - 156.09kb)
2009 Performance exam (pdf - 46.3kb)
Written exam (pdf - 146.33kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 51.35kb)
Written exam (pdf - 122.62kb)
2008 Performance exam (pdf - 45.84kb)
Written exam (pdf - 267.27kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 51.19kb)
Written exam (pdf - 65.95kb)
2007 Performance exam (pdf - 42.92kb)
Written exam (pdf - 228.59kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 63.55kb)
Written exam (pdf - 94.11kb)
2006 Performance exam (pdf - 152.74kb)
Written exam (pdf - 128.23kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 53.55kb)
Written exam (pdf - 110.49kb)
2005 Performance exam (pdf - 230.95kb)
Written exam (pdf - 229.21kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 92.64kb)
Written exam (pdf - 105.71kb)
2004 Performance exam (pdf - 234.83kb)
Written exam (pdf - 224.72kb) 
Performance exam (pdf - 47.92kb)
Written exam (pdf - 72.02kb)
2003Performance exam (not available)
Written exam (pdf - 270.19kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 52.1kb)
Written exam (pdf - 56.48kb)
2002 Performance exam (pdf - 29.1kb)
Written exam (pdf - 20.56kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 40.94kb)
Written exam (pdf - 35.77kb)
2001 Performance exam (pdf - 30.41kb)
Written exam (pdf - 27.52kb)
Performance exam (pdf - 27.05kb)
Written exam (pdf - 30.15kb)


Past examinations are made available after any copyright issues are finalised. The Chief Assessor prepares examination reports summarising student performance in past examinations. Examination reports for written examinations contain some answers.