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VCE Season of Excellence

The VCE Season of Excellence is important to showcase how creative young people in Victoria are, and to show these young people that it is possible to be part of creative industries. Sam Mularcyk Top screen 2013 Filmmaker
Motion Graphics Designer, The Project (Network Ten)

VCE Season of Excellence

Top Talks
Luca presenting in Top Talks
Top Class
A woman wearing a white dress and white makeup holds a horse head prop with her arms in the air against a grey backdrop
Top Screen
A young woman in a red coat stands in a colourful Laundromat with a blank expression
Top Arts
Graphical landscape with a starry sky, clouds, and a majestic cathedral-like structure made up of various natural and surrealist forms
Top Designs
A rattan lamp shade with an external lightbulb hanging besides it
Top Acts
A man plays a piano on a darkened theatre stage, with a speckled visual backdrop


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