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VCE VET programs

VCE VET programs are made up of VET qualifications approved by the VCAA to contribute towards your VCE, VCE VM or VPC.

A VCE VET program may contain one or more qualifications for you to choose from. For example, VCE VET Hospitality lets you choose from two different qualifications: Certificate II in Hospitality and Certificate II in Kitchen Operations. You can also choose to do both qualifications as a double program, just like doing two subjects from a VCE area of study.

There are currently 27 VCE VET programs that incorporate a total of 49 different qualifications.


Credit towards the VCE, VCE VM or VPC

VET students working in VET Engineering program

Engineering –
Ringwood Secondary
College/Ringwood Training

All VCE VET programs contribute to VCE Units that provide credit towards the VCE and VCE VM in the same way as a VCE study.

Most VCE VET programs can provide credit for VCE Units 1 to 4. A small number of shorter qualifications can provide credit for VCE Units 1 and 2 only. Each completed 90-hour block of VET equals one VPC credit.


Study scores and ATARs

Some VCE VET programs are scored and some VCE VET programs are non-scored.

VCE VET programs with a Units 3 and 4 sequence can be included in the calculation of your ATAR.

Scored VCE VET program

Scored VCE VET programs give you a study score for the Units 3 and 4 sequence that is achieved through school-assessed coursework and an externally set examination.

Scored VCE VET programs provide a study score that contributes directly to your ATAR, either as one of your primary four studies or as a fifth or sixth study increment.

Unscored: please note, where you choose not to receive a study score in a scored VCE VET program, no contribution to the ATAR will be available.

Non-scored VCE VET program

Non-scored VCE VET programs do not give you a study score but they can still contribute to your VCE.

When you receive a Units 3 and 4 sequence towards your VCE from a non-scored VCE VET program, they may contribute towards the calculation of your ATAR by VTAC. Check with the VET coordinator at your school.



Successfully completing most VCE VET programs over two years will give you a full qualification. For example, Certificate II in Engineering Studies can be completed through the VCE VET Engineering program.

Some VCE VET qualifications are too large to be undertaken over the normal two years of a VCE or VCE VM. You may be able to complete them by starting in Year 10 or by doing extra training. VCE VET Building and Construction is one such example.


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