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My VCE Story


student Georgia

Year 10

Adult Community Further Education Units 1 + 2
History: Twentieth Century History Units 1 + 2
Hospitality (VCE VET) Units 1 + 2
Physical Education Unit 2

Year 11

Biology Units 1 + 2
Chemistry Units 1 + 2
English Units 1 + 2
General Mathematics Units 1 + 2
Hospitality (VCE VET) Units 3 + 4
Mathematical Methods Units 1 + 2
Physical Education Units 3 + 4

Year 12

Biology Units 3 + 4
Chemistry Units 3 + 4
English Units 3 + 4
Further Mathematics Units 3 + 4
Mathematical Methods Units 3 + 4

Why did you choose VCE?

I chose VCE because I could explore my interests while keeping my options open and to allow me to enter university.

How did you choose your VCE studies?

I followed a Science and Maths stream because I enjoy the subjects and they were prerequisites for many university courses I was interested in. I also wanted to do subjects that I found exciting. For example, Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) was not a prerequisite of any courses I was looking at but I enjoy cooking and food. I did Units 3 and 4 in Year 11 and loved it!

What was your study management strategy?

I personally didn’t want to have a set routine so I used a timetable with moveable pieces. This kept my study schedule flexible so I could prioritise as needed and allocate extra time for a subject when School-assessed Coursework came up.

What are your top study tips?

  • Know your preferred learning style. I found out that I am a visual learner so I watched videos and made posters to solidify my understanding of key concepts.
  • Summarise course content in your own words. If you can do this in a succinct way you will know the material well when it comes to your exams.
  • Attempt past exam questions throughout the year and annotate questions that give you trouble.

What is your advice to future VCE students?

VCE is an opportunity to challenge yourself, so give it your best shot. People who work hard in VCE, regardless of natural academic ability, are generally those who are rewarded at the end of the year.

With that said, make sure to pace yourself and have fun. Time with friends gives you perspective and helps you appreciate the work you are doing.

How has VCE prepared you for the future?

VCE shaped the way I approach studying and taught me valuable time management skills. During my VCE years I became a more efficient and productive student, which is helping me in my further studies.

This year I’m studying a Bachelor of Applied Science/Masters of Physiotherapy and my goal is to become a Paediatric Physiotherapist.