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On Demand Testing

Benefits of On Demand Testing

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The On Demand testing program is a valuable tool for schools, enabling them to conduct assessment in a reliable and standardised manner.

Tests are designed with reference to the Victorian Curriculum. These tests have been constructed by the VCAA and are on offer for schools to download.  Once completed, tests are computer marked and a range of reports are available for teachers to immediately view and analyse the results.

To assist teachers with a variety of assessment needs, On Demand tests can be used for:

  • pre-testing students prior to beginning a topic
  • applying the same test to post-test a topic of work
  • testing new intake students or a late arrival
  • identifying individual student's strengths and weaknesses 
  • corroborating teacher judgments
  • assisting in forward planning of teaching programs.

Which learning areas will be covered?

There are a selection of assessments in English and Mathematics.

Which Standard levels will be available?

Assessments currently cover Standard levels 2 - 10.

What about marking and results?

On Demand Testing can save time for teachers by automatically marking tests and delivering results by the way of generating analytical reports with the exception of extended response questions. The computer-based system will instantly mark a test and present the results to students when it is applicable and generate different types of reports for the teachers.

This immediate feedback can be used to support, encourage and motivate students in their learning programs. 

Depending on the type of test administered, teachers have the option to display scores to students and view results through a range of available reports. The system has the capacity to store results from a range of assessment tasks, enabling teachers to track and monitor student progress over time.

See also information about the types of assessment available .