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On Demand Testing

Types of Assessment

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Types of Computer Test Questions

The assessments are composed of items in the following formats:

  • multiple choice
  • type in short answer
  • hot spot
  • drag and drop
  • mathematical calculator
  • open text response.

Computer Adaptive Tests

Computer Adaptive Tests deliver sets of questions to students that vary according to student ability. Depending on the responses given in previous questions, the system presents progressively easier or more difficult questions to the student.

There are currently three reports available for Computer Adaptive Tests - the ‘Class Standard Score Report’, the ‘Student Test Session Performance Report’, and the ‘Student Tracking Report’. These reports provide immediate feedback on the results for each student, including an estimated ability score. Question level analysis is also possible for Computer Adaptive Tests through the ‘Student Test Session Performance Report’.

Linear Tests

In a linear test, students receive a fixed set of questions using a variety of question types. All students are presented with the same questions in the same order during the test. Student responses are saved and stored by the computer and teachers are able to view and analyse the results at a student, class or question level.

Please note: with the transition from AusVELS to the Victorian Curriculum, there are currently no linear tests available. Linear Test will be made available at a later date.