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Notice to Schools 58 –
2 May 2024

2022 Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods examinations and external assessment reports

Principals/Directors, VCE coordinators and VCE Mathematics teachers

In March 2024, the VCAA received the report of the independent review into its VCE exam-setting processes and procedures. This review was led by Dr John Bennett, who was previously the CEO of the NSW Board of Studies, now known as the New South Wales Education Standards Authority.

The report identified errors in the following 2022 Mathematics examinations:

  • 2022 Specialist Mathematics, Examination 1, Section B, Question 3b
  • 2022 Specialist Mathematics, Examination 2, Section A, Multiple Choice Questions 4 and 19, and Section B, Question 6f
  • 2022 Mathematical Methods, Examination 2, Section B, Question 4eii.

In response, the VCAA has republished the above examination papers and external assessment reports with these questions redacted. These updates will ensure that schools and students have resources to support student learning with accurate information.


Principals/Directors should inform teachers of VCE Specialist Mathematics and VCE Mathematical Methods of amendments to 2022 examinations and assessor reports.

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