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Professional Leader - NAPLAN position description

The VCAA will employ and train sessional employees to mark student responses for the NAPLAN writing test, using an online marking platform. Group leaders and professional leaders must be appointed as markers before being able to become a group leader or a professional leader. Both positions require at least two years’ experience as a NAPLAN marker. 

A professional leader (PL) works under the direction of the chief assessor and works with the group leaders and markers. The role of a professional leader is to support the chief assessor and they are fundamental to accurate, valid and reliable marking. Professional leaders lead their teams, developing well-trained, decisive, confident and effective markers.

Training and marking

After appointment, all successful applicants will be required to complete a combination of a training module created by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and online workshops covering the marking software, protocols and prompt specific training on the weekend of 16/17 March 2024. Group leaders and professional leaders will be required to complete additional training specific to their roles. The marking of the NAPLAN writing tests will be home based. Marking is expected to begin on Monday 18 March 2024. All markers, group leaders and professional leaders are required to complete all specified training prior to the commencement of the marking operation.  


Professional leaders will commit to one of two marking shifts. Day shift for professional leaders is from 8.30am until 4pm. This is 7.5 hours in total, with a paid 15-minute break and an unpaid 30-minute break. Alternatively, the evening shift runs from 3pm until 10pm. This is 7 hours, with a paid 15-minute break and an unpaid 30-minute break.

Professional Leader shifts

Day PL (Day)

Six days a week. Monday to Friday (8.30am to 4pm) plus Saturdays (8.30am to 5pm)

There is flexibility if a PL needs to take a different day off each week.

Evening PL (Eve)

Six days a week. Monday to Friday (3pm to 10pm) plus Sundays (8.30am to 5pm)

There is flexibility if a PL needs to take a different day off each week and some flexibility if working at a school means a delayed start to shifts.

  • There will be no marking over the Easter period. The marking centre will be closed (Friday 29 March to Monday 1 April 2024).
  • It is envisaged professional leader training will be a combination of online (remote) and face-to-face sessions. More details will be available in 2024.
  • Professional leaders need to be available for prompt specific group leader training on Thursday 14 March 2024. Professional leaders will also need to be available when group leader training continues during shifts on Friday 15 March 2024.
  • Professional leaders will then start their shift on Monday 18 March 2024 and continue through until the completion of marking.

Marking operation

Monday 18 March – until all scripts completed - expected finish on Friday 26 April 2024

All professional leaders are required to be logged into the online marking platform for the duration of each shift and to submit a timesheet each fortnight.

It is envisaged that professional leaders will work remotely in 2024 with the option to attend the Coburg marking centre on the weekend. 

Role and responsibilities

Professional leaders reports directly to the chief assessor.

Professional leader are required to:

  •  maintain the security and confidentiality of all assessment information and materials
  •  assist with the recruitment sessions for new markers, if required
  • consult with the chief assessor on matters pertaining to the assessment of writing task scripts
  • monitor the performance of markers and assist in marker evaluation
  • provide professional assistance, feedback and retraining to markers as required 
  • keep accurate records of marker performance and progress 
  • liaise with the chief assessor regarding the termination of unsuitable markers 
  • evaluate the performance and efficacy of the group leaders 
  • undertake review marking as required 
  • back-mark scripts and mark scripts accurately, in accordance with training provided by the VCAA and ACARA
  • maintain a consistent rate of script marking in accordance with marking rates and attend training at agreed dates and times. 


Applicants for the position of Professional Leader should:

  • make a general marker application in SSMS (Sessional Staff Management System) and indicate interest in becoming a professional leader or group leader by ticking the appropriate box .
  • have previous demonstrable NAPLAN writing marking experience 
  • have a VIT registration or a National Criminal Records History Check (NCRHC)
  • have demonstrated understanding of assessment, based on criteria and standards
  •  be able to apply a prescriptive marking model
  • have demonstrated ability to follow instructions correctly
  • be available for training and for the duration of the marking operation 
  • be able to accurately mark NAPLAN writing scripts using the criteria in the NAPLAN Marking Guide and marking framework presented in training 
  • have access to a computer that meets the IT requirements
  • possess good computer literacy. Professional leaders will need to use various software applications 
  • be willing and able to work from home.

Administrative arrangements

By accepting this position, you will become a sessional employee of the VCAA for the period of the marking operation. The following conditions apply to your employment. 


Professional leaders are paid at an hourly rate of $74.21.

Professional leaders are required to be logged into the online marking platform for the duration of each shift. They will submit a timesheet of their hours worked and log all calls made to markers. These procedures will be covered in the online role-specific training session before marking commences. 


The VCAA will contribute 10% superannuation if you are aged 18 or over and earn more than $450 (before tax) in a calendar month. Victorian Government’s default superannuation fund is VicSuper.

IT requirements

Markers need to supply their own personal computer or laptop with reliable internet connection. 

Travel and accommodation

Professional leaders do not receive travel or accommodation allowances for any component of the marking operation. 

Professional development

The training and marking of student responses contributes to the continuing professional development requirements for teacher registration. For further information please see the VIT website.

How to apply and further information

Group leaders and professional leaders are appointed after the marker appointments. Please indicate your interest in the position, when prompted, when completing the marker application.

Group leaders and professional leaders must be appointed as a marker before they can become a group leader or a professional leader.

Further information

For more information on the marking operation, see Marking.

If you would like more information re: application, please contact Human Resources Unit at: