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Advice for teachers -
Indonesian Second Language

Developing a program

Teachers should use the VCE Indonesian Second Language Study Design and this advice to develop a teaching and learning program that includes appropriate learning activities to enable students to develop the knowledge and skills identified in the outcomes for each unit.

The learning activities form part of the teaching and learning program; they enable students to develop their knowledge and skills and demonstrate performance on the outcome. It is expected that teachers will spend a number of lessons on the learning activities, depending on the particular needs of their group of students. It is also expected that teachers will provide students with frequent exposure to relevant Indonesian vocabulary and language structures, giving them opportunities to develop skills in all five modes of reading, writing, viewing, listening and speaking. Within the learning focus for each unit, students should experience a wide range of texts, text types and styles of writing.

The themes and topics to be studied are prescribed in the VCE Indonesian Second Language Study Design. The themes and topics are broad and allow teachers the flexibility to develop a teaching and learning program that meets the needs of their students.

Examples of learning activities (organised under themes, topics and sub-topics) are provided for each outcome. It is not expected that students will undertake all of the sample learning activities provided. Teachers should ensure that they plan activities that relate best to the topics chosen, meet the needs of their students and the requirements of the study, and are appropriately resourced. Activities can be organised in a range of ways, ensuring that across Units 1 to 4 students can access learning that addresses the prescribed themes and topics.

In Units 1 and 2, students will respond in English and Indonesian in Unit 1 Outcome 2 only. In Units 3 and 4, students will respond in Indonesian in all outcomes.

In Units 3 and 4, School-assessed Coursework and assessment tasks are prescribed. The contribution that each task makes to the total School-assessed Coursework is also stipulated.