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Music Investigation Units 3 and 4

Accreditation period 2017-2021

Accreditation expires 31 December 2021.

VCE Music Investigation contains Units 3 and 4 only.

Study Design

VCE Music Study Design (pdf - 381.33kb)

Details on areas of study, outcomes and assessment for Music Investigation Units 3 and 4: 2017-2021.

VCE Music Study Design amendment (January 2018)

The VCE Music Study Design comprises:

View VCE Music Performance Units 1 and 2

View VCE Music Performance Units 3 and 4

Music Investigation Units 3 and 4

View VCE Music Style and Composition Units 1-4


2020 Prescribed List of Group Works
This list is for use in Units 3-4 Music Investigation and Units 3-4 Music Performance. Information about specific study design and examination requirements is included in the introduction.

2020 Prescribed List of Notated Solo Works
This edition of the Prescribed List is for use for Music Performance and Music Investigation from 1 January 2017.

VCAA revised guidelines for text selection

2020 VCE Music Investigation Topic approval form
This form is used by the VCAA to confirm that students have selected an Investigation Topic of appropriate depth and breadth. Forms should be submitted via VASS by 5.00pm on Wednesday, 26 February 2020.

 2020 VCE Investigation Topic Approval notes and guidelines

2020 VCE Music Investigation Alternative Works Application Form

2020 VCE Music Investigation Alternative Works Guidelines and Criteria
For students who wish to perform works other than those in the prescribed list of works.

2020 Music Investigation Alternative Instruments Application Form

2020 Music Investigation Alternative Instruments Guidelines and Criteria
For students who wish to select an alternative solo instrument.

VCE Music Investigation Alternative Instruments Resource
This resource is designed to assist students  and teachers with applications for approval to use an alternative instrument  for solo performance in VCE Music Investigation.

School-based assessment

View VCE Music Investigation School-based Assessment report.

Examination specifications, past examinations and reports

View VCE Music Investigation examination specifications, past examinations and reports.

VCE Music Investigation assessment criteria
This information applies to the end-of-year performance examination. There is no written examination for this study.

VCE Music Investigation examination specifications

Support material

Advice for teachers
Learning activities and assessment advice for teachers, including performance descriptions.

Study summary
A summary of the VCE Music Study Design for 2017-2021.

Study review

VCE Music Investigation - Study Review Plan

The Study Review Plan provides key information on the review of VCE Music Investigation which will be conducted in 2020.

Consultation register

Consultation on the proposed VCE Music Study Design will be conducted in 2020. The draft study design and consultation questionnaire will be available for consideration on this page during 2020. To register your interest for the public consultation, please complete the registration form.