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I loved doing my school-based traineeship.
It gave me the opportunity to start a career straight out of school!

VCE VET Business

Why I chose VET

I chose VET because I saw it as an opportunity to learn practical skills outside of a classroom. I was really excited to start a career in business as soon as I could. Being able to finish school with a qualification and workplace experience definitely kick-started my career and was the best decision I made in high school.

What I got out of VET

VET gave me the opportunity to test myself in real-life situations to see if business was the right career path for me. Having this direction really helped me when leaving school, as I knew where I was heading and could formulate a path to get there. I’m glad I didn’t feel the uncertainty towards the future that some other students go through! I was also able to build real employability skills that have assisted me to obtain a great job straight out of school.

My VET success story

My school-based traineeship opened so many opportunities for me! I was nominated for the Victorian School-Based Apprentice of the Year award by my school, and won. I then went on to compete at the Australian Training Awards, where I was extremely fortunate and won the Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year award. This created so many opportunities for me. I have developed my public speaking skills, received many job offers, created networks in my industry and learnt more about vocational education and training. This has led me to my current job which is amazing! I now work with businesses to recruit apprentices and trainees.

My advice

My advice would be to learn everything you can from your trainer and colleagues. There is so much to learn in every VET subject. Make use of your training and build as many skills as you can.

Bethany's VET success story (pdf - 766kb)


My pathway

1 Completed


Certificate III in Business Administration (SBAT)
Business Administration Traineeship computer icon

Business Management
Further Mathematics

University Extension Studies

Business Foundations
Foundations of Management

Student Representative Councildollar sign icon

Employed part time


2 Current

Universitystar medal icon
Bachelor of Business (Management)

Employed full time
Apprentice/Trainee Consultant

3 Career Goal

Manager of a larger comany

My Awards

Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year, 2017
Victorian School-based Apprentice of the Year, 2017
Mildura Senior School Business Faculty Dux, 2017
Sunravsia Runner-Up Student of the Year VETIS, 2016

VET in 3 words

Exciting. Innovative. Beneficial.

Secondary school: Mildura Senior College
Location: Mildura
VET qualification:

  • Certificate III in Business Administration

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