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During VET, I gained valuable life skills that have set me up for my new career.

VCE VET Automotive
Full-time apprentice

Why I chose VET

I chose to take up VET Automotive because I wanted a course that would provide me with the skills I need to be successful in my chosen field.

What I got out of VET

Through VET, I gained new skills and met a range of different people. But what I gained most out of VET were real-life skills, such as welding and how to disassemble and assemble a small engine. In learning these skills, I was able to enter the workforce with practical knowledge from day one.

Samuel working in an automotive component

My VET success story

During VET Automotive I was introduced to welding. I found this really enjoyable and this is what lead me to choose fabrication for my apprenticeship the following year. The skills I learnt provided a good foundation from which I will be able to build a career.

My advice

I would say, if you are thinking about doing a VET, give it a go. You might discover an industry you hadn’t previously considered, and find your future career.

Samuel's VET success story (pdf - 1353.6kb)


My pathway

1 Completed

VCALHair dryer icon

VCE VET Automotive
Further Mathematics
Mediastar medal icon
Business Management
Revolutions (History)

2 Current

TAFEstar medal icon
Certificate III in Engineering
– Fabrication Trade

Employed full timedollar sign icon
Apprentice Fabricator

2018 Commonwealth Games 
– T54 1500m

3 Career Goal

 Wheelchair Technician

My Awards

WestVic Academy of Sport Athlete of the Year, 2017
Sports Scholarship, 2017

VET in 3 words

Fun. Informative. Valuable.

Secondary school: Damascus College
Location: Ballarat
VET qualification:

  • Certificate II in Automotive
  • Vocational Preparation

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