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Introduction to explicitly teaching and assessing the capabilities

This document contains useful background that supports understanding of the VCAA teaching resources for each capability. It can also assist with whole-school curriculum planning.

Introduction to Explicitly Teaching the Capabilities

Introduction to Explicitly Teaching the Capabilities

The document introduces a range of key considerations when determining what is required to explicitly teach the capabilities, and it consists of three sections:

  • Building deep familiarity with the capabilities curriculums
  • Explicitly introducing capabilities content and consolidating learning
  • Identifying progress in student learning (assessment).

Academic vocabulary

Academic vocabulary can be broadly defined as the specific language requirements students need to know and understand in order to learn. This includes the specific language content for each learning area and capability that students need to master in order to be successful learners within that field of study.

For information on academic vocabulary visit Department of Education and Training - Vocabulary andVCAA Academic Vocabulary.

External resources

The following external links are for teacher reference purposes. They do not constitute VCAA endorsement of the views or materials contained on these sites.

Department of Education and Training resources

The Department of Education and Training have a range of resources available to support the teaching of the Personal and Social Capability. These include:

Note: These Department of Education and Training resources provided evidenced-based support for teaching in the Personal and Social capability and are progressively being mapped to the Victorian Curriculum.

Other resources

School’s In for Refugees, which includes a series of resources developed by Foundation House and the Department of Education and Training for primary and secondary schools to support a whole-school approach to improving student engagement, wellbeing and achievement